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Collette Shedd

— debut author—

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"Facing Lillia is an outstanding fictional account of one person's therapeutic journey, undertaken in desperation and audacious hope. It is about the universal yearning to be heard, to be understood, to be well... A remarkable book!"

"When crows recited from atop the garden trees, Lillia ignored their advice. Her thoughts were louder, drowning out the voices of the murder.

While in the garden, she convinced herself to return to the doctor. All the doctor asked for was her full trust. Without her promise, he did don't want the woman back into his much-assumed enchanted office... " an excerpt from Facing Lillia ©Collette Shedd


ISBN: 978-1-7329042-7-9

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Robert Ritzema,PhD.,
Clinical Psychologist

My debut novel, Facing Lillia, is a story of determination to recover and persevere in light of repeated failure. It's a venture into the realm of courage and creative hope. An adventure of  courage and determination that offers the hope of becoming a fuller person. I'm attracted to stories with tension between true beauty and unmentionable terror. I can't recall a when in my lifetime where I didn't see people thrown away. I kept asking myself who are these people? What did they do to get thrown away? To be pushed out and down? Ignored. Castoff without a voice. I became particularly drawn to these castoffs who wander into the mental health system and became intrigued with the one-on-one process of healing. I write to open that private door of therapy a bit more harboring a funny notion, believing that if something happens to me, it might be happening to others. I wanted my writing to peer through the therapeutic window, listen in, and uncover how one-life-at-a-time can change. And yes, I have been both healer and healed.

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