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Art is the way I center myself. My why of communicating with the world around me. Every painting can only answer one question so with the spirit of an itinerate painter I tried to capture the spirit of what I saw."

Tanya Richey
Spirit of Fredericksburg: An artists view of a historic Virginia town.

Spirit of Christmas: A collection of Holiday Paintings.

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Bair Ink is an independent publishing company dedicated to creating beautiful books by interesting people. There are important stories needing release into the world tethered by a small market or need for full color. Large publishing houses can't afford to put these books into print and self publishing is an expensive way for emerging authors to discover just how much they don't know. We strive for a traditional publishing model, taking on only projects the we believe in. Whether fiction or non-fiction our books are the author's jouney.

Bair Ink began as a passionate race against my mother's cancer. The only what she would see her Spirit of Japan books in print was for me to take it on myself. Since then Bair Ink has taken on a niche of midlist books. We are growing and evolving with every project. Please, join or journey and support our authors.

Connecting readers with stories they need.

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