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April Bair, November 24 2020

Meet Collette Shedd

Debut author Collette Shedd imagined a novel that was complicated and quirky.

She imagined a character named Lillia who is damaged and intricate. 

All Lillia wants is to be well. Unfortunately, happy life seems like a dream for other people.

Facing Lillia is a remarkable novel about Lillia's unbelievable journey to wellness. Author Collette Shedd lays both messy and beautiful bits out for the reader to become part of Lillia's journey. It's a book full of therapy and doctor's appointments but not a novel about them; it's a novel about yearning to get along with yourself; a novel about overcoming dysfunctional pasts; a novel about wearing fantastic outfits and gardening and falling apart.

Author Collette Shedd makes it a habit to beat the odds and her new novel, Facing Lillian, proves that there is nothing this woman can't do when she sets her mind to task and digs in. Collette did not consider herself a writer and if she'd listened to traditional wisdom she wouldn't be much of a reader either. Taunted by dyslexia and  limited by a body that rebels against her she is a survivor in every connotation of the word but she when faced with challenges she gathers herself and plods forward. In this case Collette did so one word at a time crafting a remarkably poetic novel that's been praised as deeply human, terrific and pithy.

Facing Lillia is not for everyone. It's a literary fiction novel deeply rooted in a spiritual connection with the natural world. This is novel for people how need to be heard and are willing to listen.

Facing Lillia is a debut novel of visionary fiction by a retired Army Chaplain's wife who has been both client and counselor along the therapeutic journey.

Lillia's tale captures the desperate pursuit of wellness so many of us experience and shows the importance of self advocacy along side the precarious struggle to speak up and be heard without shouting so loudly the world shuts you down. A battle to overcome the monster, the imago, in her mirror. A journey summoning resiliency and finding wellness.

As a debut author, Collette Shedd tackles the client-doctor relationship with reckless abandon and pulls back the curtain revealing the private space behind the door. Unafraid to embrace the pithy humor and inner voice of crazy, Shedd pulls readers through the antics of determination

Written by

April Bair